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Top True Crime Podcasts for May 2021

There are hundreds of True Crime Podcasts out there and as a fan and a creator, I cant get enough. But one of the things I get asked a lot is “Aside form your own show, what True Crime Podcasts are you listening to?” and I thought that it would be best to start a …

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New York Trolley Killings

Mount Vernon, New York, July 20th 1925.  It’s just after 2AM.  It’s been a long day for Joseph Shumacker who is close to ending his work day.  He has spent most of his day on several Trolleys, not because he likes to or anything, but it’s because he works as an Inspector for the Westchester …

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Backlog and Coffee

So a lot of you are probably here because you heard about it from the Okie Investigations Podcast, others might have stumbled onto us through searching for True Crime stories and such. Either way, there’s not a whole lot here just yet. We are working on our backlog of cases we have covered and getting …

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