corona virus conspiracy

Is this virus really from bats? Or is it an elaborate bio weapon designed by the Social Security Office?

I know what you are thinking, “I thought this was supposed to be a murder blog.” PEOPLE HAVE DIED!

COVID-19, AKA the coronavirus, only seems to be lethal to the elderly. Now at first glance, that seems normal because that’s what most viruses do. It affects the young and the elderly.

But not this time.

It is almost diminishes its symptoms in children. Some are even calling it the “Boomer Killer.” What if it was designed that way? What if this was an elaborate bio-attack orchestrated by none other than the Social Security Office.

Think about it. We are running out of money to support the elderly because the number of people getting social security paychecks is increasing with the increase of life expectancy. But you might be thinking, “It’s from China though. Not from the U.S. So it can’t be done by the American government.”

It was outsourced to a remote research facility in China. Just like all our call centers. They were supposed to design a virus that only targets the elderly.

Look at the disproportionate amount of deaths in the age group above 60. The eligible age to collect social security is 62. Coincidence? I think not.

Notice how Chinese government kept saying that this is an American virus? They are right because even though it was leaked from a lab in China, it was commissioned by the U.S.! For once China was telling the truth. Trump know the whole thing. He was in on it the whole time. He’s business man. He is trying to cut off by cutting off old people. That’s why he is so hell bent on calling it the “China virus.” It’s not because he is a racist. I mean he is, but not in this particular situation.

Have you watched the movie “Contagion?” Doesn’t it seem eerily similar to the current situation? Someone at the Social Security office saw the movie and thought, “Hmm… If they can kill off Gwyneth Paltrow, maybe we can kill some grandpas and grandmas.”

It all makes sense.

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