The rescue

First day of meeting Ethel

I know you are probably thinking, “What is that lesbian doing rescuing a dog and not 12 cats?”

I can only apologize for my behavior but as soon as I saw her I just knew.

That’s a lie. I was on a new medication for my mental illness and my body did not like that. I started to get real nervous and had weird repetitive thoughts. Luckily the thought at the moment was getting a dog and not robbing a bank. Felt like I HAD to get a dog NOW.

Not sure what happened but I was holding a dog. Look at her. She wouldn’t even bark or flinch. I thought, “This is the most well-behaved dog in the world.” Turns out she was just scared out of her mind.

She had scars on her face from getting attacked by the other dogs in the shelter. Til this day she doesn’t like other dogs, which is understandable. She’s a dog park denier.

Back when she still fit into that clothes

That green line on her belly is her spay scar. The shelter spayed her and released her to us. That night we realized she started to bleed from her surgery opening and took her to an emergency vet.

Turns out they didn’t do a good job of closing her up so they had to staple her stomach shut to make sure she heals properly.

She made it through and that’s when I met the real Ethel.

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