14 year-old ax murderer

In 2001, March 5th, Mr. and Mrs. Yang from South Korea comes back home from finishing graveyard shift from their restaurant. Just a typical day until they see their 11 year-old son lying in a pool of his blood. They wrapped their son’s neck that was still spewing blood and took him to the hospital but it was too late.

Source: 연합뉴스
The picture is the 14 year-old murderer reenacting the crime in front of the police

Once the Yang family gathered some sanity, they realized their oldest son was missing. They thought their younger son’s murderer might have kidnapped their oldest as well but the cops tell them something else.

Turns out Korean cops work fast and figured out that the murderer was not some rando from the street looking for patty cash but the 14 year old brother of the victim. The cops were able to arrest the kid within 13 hours of the murder. Kudos for the Korean police force.

Now, what the fuck. Why would he do this? The worst reason to murder someone: No reason. He just did it to murder someone. He didn’t have a bad relationship with his younger brother. No family animosity. Didn’t even steal his toy. No nothing. The murder of his younger brother was supposed to be the beginning of his mass killing spree. After the first murder the kid took a bus and hitchhiked away from home and was planning to murder the driver that he took a ride from. He decided to back off because he had a witness and the second target got off because the kid got spooked by his own reflection.

Luckily he was caught before he was actually able to murder more people. But could they have prevented the first murder?


The kid dropped so many hints and no one cared. He even wrote “Hitman/killer” as his future career and the teacher ignored it. He had a blog where he constantly wrote about how he wants to murder people. I guess no one read his blog, much like this one. Maybe you should subscribe. He also emailed his friend that he was going to murder someone with an ax the day before he actually murder his brother with an ax. I mean it doesn’t get more clear than that.

He basically gave out save the date evite but no one attended.

Of course the media blamed the whole thing on video games that he was playing, which makes sense because I played Animal Crossing and now I am a raccoon with a mortgage.

Basically the moral of the story is no one reads your evites.

Also because the kid was too young when he committed the murder, he was released after serving only 3 years. Not only that but because he was a minor, all his records are expunged. This guy is now in his 20s. Just walking the streets of South Korea like he didn’t kill his own brother.

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