Zuma Suicide Pact Slaying: A killer with nine heads in a cooler

A 23-year old woman goes missing in October 24th, 2017. For the sake of clarity, I am going to call her “A.” Her older brother puts up a twitter post on “A” twitter account about “A” going missing and trying to see if anyone has a clue as to where “A” might be.

Someone slid into “A’s” DM saying that she thinks she knows where the missing lady went. Let’s call this someone “B.”

Turns out “A” has been posting her suicidal thoughts and “B” has been posting similar thoughts. “B” was contacted by some creepy dude that claimed that he wants to commit suicide as well and wanted to meet up.

Personally, my mom told me to never go out and meet a stranger from the inter-web but “B” is a strong independent woman and she went to go see this man.

The creep claimed that he tried to hang himself but “B” noticed he didn’t have any marks on his neck even though he said he just tried to hang himself the day before. “B” thought this guy was shady as fuck and bounced.

Now “B” thinks “A” was approached by the same creep and has let “A’s” brother know. “A’s” brother contacted the police immediately. The police pretended to be a suicidal teen and found out where the guy lived. I feel like there were better ways to find where this guy lived but you do you cops. The police raided his house to look for “A” and while rummaging through the house, they find 9 ice coolers.

The creep’s apartment was very small. I mean with Japanese real estate market these days, who is surprised. There were 9 coolers almost filling up the living room of his tiny apartment. Cops thought, that’s weird because this guy already has a fridge. So they opened them up and saw that it was full of saw dust. Once they started to dig through the saw dust, they found a head and then they found 8 more.

9 cooler, 9 heads total. “A” was found in one of the coolers.

source: https://brandnew-s.com/2017/10/31/shiraishitakahiro5/
Picture of Shiraishi Takahiro

Shiraishi Takahiro, the creep, was an unemployed ex-felon who was convicted of commercial sex acts by basically working as a scouting agent for prostitutes. After his release from jail, he couldn’t get a job and was broke so he started to murder people and rob them.

Once he killed his first victim he posted on a website called 2chan (this is sort of the grandfather of 4chan) to ask how to get rid of large quantities of meat. They weren’t that helpful. Probably just called him gay, Hitler, and whatever Japanese 4chans say.

He claimed that because he didn’t have a car (so conscious of his carbon footprint), he had to chop the bodies up and get rid of them piece by piece.

But why did he keep the heads? He told the cops he did this out of fear/lack of knowledge to get rid of the head. This didn’t sound convincing to the Japanese police and they assumed that he kept them as trophies.