Five children murdered on the same day – the frog boys

This story is a long one. I will try to be brief.

In 1991, South Korea, five boys went up a mountain to collect salamander eggs and never came back. Later as the media picked up the story salamander was changed to frogs and now they are known as the frog boys.

Six boys were planning to go egg hunting but one of them wanted to eat breakfast before going so he decided to catch up with the group later and is now the sole survivor.

The boys went missing and a city-wide search was conducted. This story spread throughout the country because it is highly unusual for five elementary-school-aged boys to disappear out of thin air.

Because no one could find the boys and the media’s attention was focused on the case, rumors started to flow.

One of them was that lepers kidnapped the boys. This rumor actually gathered some traction, leading to cops storming the nearby leper colony. This rumor had no grounds but the cops were being aggressive due to the attention focused on this case, causing tension between the cops and civilians.

The second rumor is a really fucked up one. Worse than accusing lepers for no reason. A known criminal profiler was so adamant that one of the boy’s father was a murderer and even dug underneath the accused father’s house and looked into the septic tank for a corpse.

Now, this is especially heartbreaking because some of the parents even quit their jobs to look for these children, hoping they are still alive.

Boy’s parents handing out flyers to look for the missing kids.

In 2002, they found the children’s remains.

It was found that the kids died on the day they went missing. The cops did not conduct a thorough forensic investigation, possibly due to the age of the case but they assumed the children died of hyperthermia. A detailed analysis was done later and it was found that they were murdered with a sharp tool.

Forensics recovering the bones of the children.

A task force was formed to look for the killer but to no avail.

There are two popular theories to who killed the boys.

One, someone was doing a shooting practice and accidentally shot one of the kids and killed the rest to cover it up. In some theories, they say the shooter was the soldier from the nearby base, and some theories say it was by some random dude.

A second popular theory is that a dog got loose and bit one of the kids causing serious injury. The dog escaped from a dog farm near the mountain and when the owners found the boy, almost dying, they panicked and killed the other boys to cover it up.

Both theories cause some doubts because who in their right mind will kill four more children to cover up a murder but then none of this makes any sense so…

Fuck whoever did this.