Death of Kenneka Jenkins

Kenneka Jenkins was 19 years of age when she died in 2017.

She was partying in a room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Chicago. She went missing in the middle of the party and later when her friends noticed that she had been missing, they went to go look for her.

The cops were eventually involved and by checking the security footage in the hotel, they found that her last whereabouts were near the hotel freezer. Her remain was found inside a walk-in freezer with her shoes off.

Let’s look at the timeline.

The party started at 11:30 PM on Friday.

Jenkins is seen near the front desk, seemingly drunk, at 3:20 AM Saturday.

Teresa Martin, Jenkins’ mother, arrives at the hotel due to Jenkins’s friends contacting her. 5:30 AM Saturday.

1:15 PM Saturday, hotel management calls the police and officially reports Jenkins missing.

Jenkins found dead in the freezer at 12:48 AM on Sunday.

Snapshot of video footage of Jenkins near the freezer

There have been some conspiracies surrounding her death since it is such an unusual death and Jenkins’ family was thinking that Jenkins’ death was no accident but the footage around the hotel clearly shows Jenkins intoxicated, alone, and being the only one near the freezer.

Anyone who worked in a restaurant probably knows that the walk-in freezers have a round white handle that can be pulled from the inside to open the freezer. But with heavy intoxication, the darkness, and not being familiar with walk-in freezers probably led to her unfortunate demise.

Jenkins’ friends’ had a role in making people think that this might be a sinister undertone. Their stories did not match up but this can easily be explained away as traumatized and drunk teenagers not remembering things. If this happened when I was 19, I would have freaked out and not know what to tell the cops.