Greyhound Bus Decapitation and Cannibalism

Tim McLean was stabbed, decapitated, and eaten, inside of a Greyhound Bus and no one was found responsible for this crime.

Tim was 22 years old when the murder took place in 2008. He was taking a trip to Winnipeg from Alberta where he worked as a carny.

I didn’t know traveling carny was still a thing but maybe Canada is just a magical place.

Tim’s friend offered to buy him a plane ticket to fly to Winnipeg, but free-spirited Tim preferred the bus ride. The bus made few stops on the way to Winnipeg and when the bus stopped in Erickson, a man named Vince Weiguang Li boarded the bus and sat right next to Tim.

Source: CBC Canada
Picture of Vince Li

Vince started to hear strange voices in his head, threatening him to kill the man taking a nap next to him. Vince was convinced that it was God’s voice telling him to kill this young man. He pulled out a big ass knife out of nowhere and started to stab Tim in the neck and chest.

Other passengers noticed this right away and started to freak out. The passengers started to get away from Vince and the bus driver pulled to the side of the road and let others out.

The police arrived but due to their policy to keep victims alive, which is very different from our policy, they basically just watched Vince until the right timing. I’m still not sure what they are waiting for exactly. Were they hoping Vince will just be like, “Oh gosh, what happened? I apologize, gentlemen, I must have lost my temper for a moment. Please escort me to your facilities.”

While the police were just watching Vince stab Tim out of the bus windows, Vince started to behead Tim as well as dismember other parts of his body. Vince put some parts, like Tim’s ear, nose, and tongue in his pockets while eating other parts.

Now, there are so many things wrong with this case.

First, Vince was diagnosed as schizophrenic long before this incident and refused treatment.

Second, apparently, you can carry a big ass knife to Greyhound Bus and no one will stop you.

Third, Canadian cops will just watch you while someone eats your body.

Lastly, Vince was found not criminally responsible for having a mental illness.

Now, I am diagnosed with three different mental illnesses, so I am open-minded and understanding when it comes to mental illnesses. I understand in my head that Vince Li was not responsible because in his mind, either he kills Tim or God kills him. But in my heart, it rages me that he did not suffer any consequences for the heinous actions. Maybe I’m just mad at the health system but c’mon.