Luka Magnotta. Don’t Fuck With Cats.

Now, this piece of shit was born in Ontario, Canada, which tells us that not everyone from Canada is a lovable maple syrup drinking donut eater-some are murderers. They are like people.

This guy was recently a subject of a Netflix documentary series called “Don’t Fuck with Cats” and his case was fascinating for a few reasons.

He was so utterly obsessed with himself. I mean I live in California and with InstaHoes everywhere, I thought I was used to shit like this but Luka Magnotta took it to a whole another level.

He was desperate to be famous. He was constantly auditioning for reality shows (and not getting the parts) and self-promoting himself online. When I say self-promoting, I don’t mean selfies and butt pictures. He would create various accounts, sometimes posing as his own fan, upload badly photoshopped pictures of himself to make it seem like he is living this luxurious life. He tried to create a Wikipedia page of himself but failed. Sometimes he will film himself and act as if someone else was recording him. Below is an example.

After all these attempts at being famous, people were still not paying attention to him and it was killing him inside. He even tried to start rumors about himself about dating Canada’s famous murderer, Karla Homolka. I guess this is America’s equivalent of dating Ted Bundy. This rumor got some media attention but not enough to satisfy Luka.

He couldn’t achieve fame so he went for infamy.

He started out killing cats and recording videos of it to upload it to different websites. People were furious and were trying to find out who did this. I guess this fueled Luka’s need for recognition. He ended up murdering an International student from Wuhan, China named Jun Lin. He filmed the whole thing and presented it online. This obviously caught people’s attention and unlike when he was killing cats, the cops started to look for him as well. He also mailed some of Jun Lin’s body parts to government agencies. He wanted much media attention on him as possible.

He fled to Berlin and was caught at an internet café while looking up news and pictures of himself online. He got life in prison. He is known to have paranoid schizophrenia and even though he was diagnosed at an early age, he was not treated properly. This reminds me of the Greyhound Bus Decapitation case. If these people were properly treated, I feel like some of these victims might still be alive.