The Disappearance of Rozlin and Fawn Abell – 35 Years and No Answers

August 5, 2020

Today we are going to discuss the case of two sisters who went missing 35 years ago, almost to this day. The Family has had no answers to their question of where did Fawn and Rozlin Abell go?  What happened? And Why? 

Fawn and her sister Rozlin were last seen in Bethany, Oklahoma on July 25, 1985. They left their home in the vicinity of northwest 59th and Rockwell with some friends, intending to go look for jobs. They didn’t say where exactly they were going and what jobs they hoped to find. The two girls never returned and have never been heard from again.

Fawn was classified as a runaway for years after her disappearance, and Rozlin was only listed as a missing person because she’d disappeared with her sister. Both of them had been known to hitchhike, and their loved ones think they could have met with foul play. Neither of the sisters’ Social Security numbers have been used since 1985, and authorities now believe they’re deceased.

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