Zip Wyatt the Ghost of Enid Oklahoma

October 25, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome Okie Investigations.   My Name is Trevor Shelby. In this episode we are going to discuss a couple of Ghost stories that take place in the Sooner State.  That’s right, this week we will be talking about True-ish Crime-ish stories of fright, despair and general all around fun. In this episode we will discuss What happened, Why and what’s happened since. 

But first, if you are a first time listener, to experience this podcast to its finest, hit that subscribe button so when we have new episodes, you will be the first to know.  Then, head on over to our facebook page. Here we can all discuss the case together and perhaps come up with our own theories on the many cases that will  be featured on this show.  You can find us at

I’ve really enjoyed working on these short ghostly stories.  I’ve been trying to find things that were reported on that may have some kind of historical significance.  Last week we talked about the Oklahoma Panhandle, this week we are covering a couple of stories that take place in more central Oklahoma.  As a little Bonus, I will be posting the news articles that these stories come from on our Facebook page, throughout the week so make sure you stop by and check those out.

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