Miya Marcano has been missing since Friday, September 24th. The 19-year-old woman is 4’9″ and 130 pounds and was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt. She lived just blocks away from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. She was last seen around 5PM.

Miya works and also lives at the Arden Villas Apartments. She was last seen entering her apartment after leaving work for the day. She planned on showering and then catching a flight and meeting up with family later that day, but that never happened.

Miya’s apartment showed signs that a struggle had taken place. Police have asked the family not to publicly speak about the case while the investigation takes place. So there’s not much information out there about what’s being looked into besides eyewitness reports. Search Helicopters and Officer Search Teams have been spotted all around the area Miya was last seen.

A prayer vigil was held yesterday on September 26th, at the Arden Villas Apartments. Myia’s Grandmother Joysup Thompson spoke out. “All we ask you is help us bring Miya home, Bring her home safe. Just drop her off and let us know where she is, and we’ll pick her up. Just bring her home.”

We have a lot of questions about this case. Many have to do with Miya’s movements before heading to the Airport. Was she going to drive herself? Or Was she going to use a ride-share service like UBER or have a friend take her? Did she walk into a home robbery? Were there any personal belongings missing from the apartment? Hopefully, we learn more about the case soon.

Anyone with ANY information should call the OCSO non-emergency number at 407-836-4357. If anyone sees Miya Marcano, they are asked to dial 911.

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