My name is Trevor Shelby  I’m an Oklahoman who loves to investigate crimes that happened in my state and also all across the United States.  I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a love for true crime.

In late 2019 I decided to start a podcast called Okie Investigations. It was going to be a investigative podcast on unsolved cases in the State of Oklahoma. I wanted to conduct interviews with the friends and families of those cases and have it as a personal look into the lives of those effected and a look into the life of the victims. This was derailed however by the global pandemic.

Okie Investigations changed into a story format podcast. Because I love writing, I think that this is for the better. The entire show is a one man production, fueled by coffee and a determination to tell the whole story. I do the research, production, editing, graphics, social media and website myself.

In May of 2021, I moved the focus from crimes located just in Oklahoma to crimes from all over the United States. The Okie in the title now refers to myself. I’m an Okie who loves to look into crime history. We also launched our website TrueCrime.Blog as a personal blog and look into the research I am doing. This way I can better document the cases that I have covered and show the research that went into each episode.

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