We have reached episode 50! I decided to celebrate this milestone with a case that I have been asked over and over to cover. The Oklahoma Girl Scout murders happened in 1977 and is still widely talked about today. On the second day of camp, three young girls are discovered murdered on a trail. This is an unbelievable case that is still open today.

In this episode, we are returning to the great state of Oklahoma and to a case that took place just miles from where I live but happened a little over 82 years ago. We will cover the disappearance of Eudora Cunningham, a beautiful Oklahoma City Socialite whose family was well known in the community. Her Husband Roger Cunningham believes she left him, other suspect something more sinister is going on. But before we get started, please subscribe to the podcast if you have not done so already. This entire production is done entirely by myself. This includes research, writing, recording, editing, graphics, social media, and promotion. So this one act can help us out quite a bit. Plus, when we have new episodes, you will be the first to know. Now, enough self-promotion, let’s start this story.